Program Details

Improved Purchasing

Auto Pride negotiates purchase programs with suppliers based on our total volume enabling you to obtain improved pricing and program elements as a group rather than as an individual distributor.

  • Improved acquisition price
  • Managed Inventory
  • Increased order frequency
  • Increased allowable returns
  • Extended payment terms
  • Monthly rebate checks
  • Full access to 200+ participating suppliers
  • Volume discounts
  • Lower freight rates
  • Negotiated payment terms
  • Product Rebates
  • Network Intelligence®
  • Business intelligence and demand forecasting system
  • Network PartShare®
  • Product Information management system
  • Network Connect® - Electronic order processing
  • Stratus® - Operational tools, POS,
  • distribution & warehouse management, accounts payable, etc.
  • Network PartExpert®/ LaserCat 3®
  • Replacement parts cataloging
  • Elite EXTRA™ - Delivery tracking
  • webFETCH - Competitive price shop tool

Direct Access to Industry Leading Suppliers

Have you ever struggled to gain access to a specific line? Vendors want to partner with Auto Pride Members because they know we provide the tools and programs that drive the volume.

  • Access to hard-to-buy brands
  • Unique OE vendor partnerships
  • Managed program agreements
  • Specialty/niche suppliers

Retain and Increase Customers

Increase your customer's lifetime value and, in turn, your revenue. Auto Pride helps achieve this through our customer loyalty programs.

  • Cost effective to retain customers than acquire them
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Discounted national rates
  • Access to national accounts
  • Become your customers' primary supplier
  • Increase share of customer spend
  • Ease of ordering
  • Access to Tools & Equipment catalog
  • Customer access to service solutions
  • More products in stock
  • Repair America - Customer loyalty trips
  • Monthly product promotions
  • Earn-back/customer expo trips
  • Network WebShop® - Electronic ordering catalog
  • eCommerce fulfillment solutions
  • Commercial program

Access to Network Product Warehouse

The Network Products Warehouse allows Auto Pride members the ability to purchase multiple product lines from a single source. This allows you to experience better inventory turns and utilization in your business while taking advantage of "bulk" buys and specials.

  • Single source for 100+ suppliers
  • Low freight minimums
  • Lower order quantity for higher quantity pricing
  • Drop-shipping available
  • Access to hard-to-source parts
  • Flexible ordering - fax, phone, electronic
  • Stock adjustment privileges
  • Member-owned warehouse

Individualized Support and Training

At Auto Pride, we don't send a book, we send a body. Auto Pride staff is available to come to your locations and work with your staff to take full advantage of all the various programs available to you.

  • Single point of contact
  • Personal training in all areas of business
  • In-person training for Network programs
  • Account representative
  • Business development managers
  • Learning management system
    • Counterman & sales rep training
    • Service advisor/ business owner/ technician training